Integration is EVERYTHING


Todays security systems need exceptional control and integration. Integr8 provides you with the utmost control and capability while still keeping it simple to use and deploy. 

The Feature set is rich and the combinations are endless, thus providing you with the ultimate flexibility that scales, and gives you ultimate control.
The user-intuitive user interface makes it easy to work with hardware devices, which in turn makes configuration and commissioning, a breeze no matter the size of your organisation.. 

Cameras + IOT devices + Alarm systems + Fire detection + Access Control + Facial Recognition

Integr8 is compatible with most best of breed access, fire, surveillance hardware and software leaving the client to decide what they prefer to use without being vendor locked.


Integr8 Web UI

What can the Integr8 Platform do for you?

Integr8 is an agnostic identity management workflow platform used in the security, access control, IOT and surveillance industry. Our state of the art software has been designed to be compatible with all leading hardware and software products, and therefore end users are able to make use of a range of mix-n-match solutions that are all integrated into one user friendly platform.

Integr8 is what we like to call the "glue". It takes disparate systems and joins them together to provide one simple view and most importantly takes all the value of each application and not only increases it, but simplifies it! 


Face - Finger - Card - QR

One piece of software that enables not only identification and verification but many more such as IOT, Fire, Alarms and so much more.

Cloud or On Premise

No matter your application or preference, we have a solution that will work for you in a SAAS model or on premise


Integr8 integrates multiple access control, fire, alarm, mobile devices, license plate recognition, stolen vehicle database and more. All in one place. No mess, no fuss! 



Integr8 is...
Access Control * Surveillance * IOT * Visitor Management
Operation Dashboarding * Intruder system 
Facial Recognition * License Plate Recognition
Fire Detection * Leak Detection
Nurse call system
and so much more.....

If you are looking for one platform to give you a holistic approach to your entire business then 
Integr8 is the solution for you! Packed with tight integration to the most popular systems, Integr8
combines systems and features together to increase their effectiveness. Integr8 is hardware agnostic
so we do not prescribe what hardware you use. And.... If we haven't integrated it yet and you need it,
just ask :)

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