Frequently Asked Questions

No you don't have to replace your old system.

You as the customer can choose to use Integr8 standalone or in conjunction with your EXISITING solution. You can choose how you would like to use the system. Use Integr8 as the master system or use it as a engine in the background.

Integr8 has the ability to connect to your existing access control system. In most scenarios Integr8 can be added to work in conjunction with your existing hardware and software. It will allow you the freedom to add any new devices from any other manufacturer and it will work seamlessly. You do not need to buy additional licenses from your old access control vendor. The idea is AGNOSTIC. You should not be vendor locked. 

Integr8 can be Both :)

Choose the way you want to use it. Interg8 is very powerful and you may feel to use it standalone meets all your requirements. or stick to what you have with Integr8 integrating your devices/systems. Still just as powerful!

You can go to the downloads button on the top right of the screen. Fill in your details and a consultant will contact you to assist with your purchase.

Should you own a security distribution company and wish to apply to become a distributor, please email for more information.


There are 3 tiers to the software.

Base - a single device license which is absolutely free for you to use. As you grow, purchase licenses and the system will      auto upgrade.

Standard - After a single license has been bought for any hardware/software you are integrating, you automatically move to standard tier.

Premier - A multisite, cloud incorporated, enterprise solution.

You can choose which tier best suites you.

Although Integr8 focuses on best of breed systems, this does not rule out the possibility of us adding older or niche devices/systems to our software.

Fill in your details on our contact us page or click the Download software button on the top right of the website and let us know what device you have, what the model number is and we will consider to add this to our development list.

We are always looking to grow the product list that is integrated into Integr8!

Yes you can. That's the beauty of Integr8. You can use multiple different brands all in one system. May it be facial recognition, cameras, intrusion, fire detection, license plate recognition or IOT we have you covered! 

No, But we do integrate seamlessly into EDMA systems and Jarisson Time to name a few.

Integr8 is web based, and is user friendly and would become one of the day to day systems used in managing a site.
It is the software which is used to configure hardware, software and add users to the system. Reporting is also run from here. Consider it to be the main engine of the system. It does the heavy lifting and integrates all the devices together. 

Oper8 is the dashboard which relies on Integr8. Oper8 pulls all the information/devices/ systems which Integr8 has and places them all together in one place. On your dashboard you can view anything that Integr8 has configured. You can control it, customise it and use it to its full potential. 

Oper8 has been specifically designed for security operations centres and monitoring rooms. However, it can be used by anyone who wants full view and control over their site.

Authentic8 can work standalone or with Integr8 or connected to your current access control solution you have. 

Integr8 and all modules are constantly worked on daily. New features, bug fixes and enhancements are added and new releases will always be available from time to time.

All releases within the same version you currently have installed would be at no cost. 

Base and Standard licenses support single site management.

Premier supports unlimited sites.

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