What is G8?

G8 Visitor Management brings a whole new approach to visitor management, making it simpler, by integrating it into the rest of the access control system.

This not only enables Estates and office parks to draw relevant reports when required, but it also offers security the opportunity to blacklist unwanted visitors and prevent them from entering. Used in conjunction with Valid8 facial recognition devices, should someone manage to gain unauthorised access for whatever reason, they will immediately be flagged when identified on any of the facial recognition devices / cameras within the grounds, ensuring that visitors aren't only controlled at the main entrance, but continuously monitored.  

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G8 Resident App

The G8 residents App is user friendly and intuitive. Not only can it be used to book and manage visits, but it also becomes the main information hub where all information relevant to your estate / business park is kept (e.g. rules, contact information, approved service providers etc.)

G8 Keeper App

The G8 Keeper App is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for Security Guards to use. A step-by-step wizard guides them through all the steps of checking in visitors.

G8 provides a wide range of options to manage visitors to your premises. It can be used in different ways that best suit your requirements.

With the incorporation of software and hardware we offer seamless entry to your premises.

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