What is Valid8?

Valid8 licenses allow individual devices to connect to the Integr8 system. It connects many products to the system in a mix and match approach.

Allowing multiple types or vendor devices to a single system allows complete flexibility. The freedom now exists for the most appropriate device to be used per scenario.

In particular in the surveillance and Access control industry, this is ground breaking as in most cases users find themselves vendor locked and forced to only use products built by the same vendor for all products.

Integr8 prides itself on very close integration to all leading biometric suppliers. A key feature being that we aim to use all the features that a device can offer. Therefore, should a device offer features such as camera, intercom, face recognition, card, fingerprint or QR code (to name a few), we would support all features contained in the device.


Face, Finger, Palm are all supported in Integr8. These licenses are called Valid8 licenses and can be purchased for each device in order to activate it in the Integr8 software.

Mobile and Web Friendly

Integr8 is both Mobile and Web friendly. We use the latest technology for ease of use and continued functionality. A mobile app is also available for certain modules.

Single View

With Integr8, all the systems you use on a daily basis are linked together into a single view. Not only can you view but you can control as well. Its the ultimate single pane of glass!

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